Dr. Austin Gallagher has become well-known for his contributions in marine science and exploration, and has been at the forefront of ocean discovery and technological innovation. Over the last decade, Austin has brought several scientific and industry ‘firsts’ to the ocean space, has pioneered research in new locations, and made several eye-opening new discoveries.

2021: Discovery of world’s largest seagrass meadow, up to 93,000 sq. km, in The Bahamas

2021: First description of the genome of the Caribbean reef shark

2021: First application of 360-degree camera technology to shark tracking

2021: First publication on the long-term movements of sharks within a shark sanctuary

2021: First scientist to conduct deep-sea research in the Turks and Caicos Islands

2021: First description of humpback whale playing with a lion’s mane jellyfish

2021: First account of harmful metal concentrations in sharks from The Bahamas

2020: Deepest scientific records for over 10 species of fishes and sharks in the Caribbean

2020: First to publish on the ecological impacts of white sharks in the Atlantic

2020: First description of sawfish occurrence in Biscayne Bay, Miami Florida, USA

2019: First video recordings and imagery of the sharpnose sevengill shark, at 2200 feet deep

2019: First global assessment of shark and fishing vessel movements using big-data approach

2019: First description of a potential new species of bonnethead shark off Panama

2018: First behavioral ecology study of shark sanctuaries

2018: First description of the acoustic ecology of the Bocon toadfish, off Panama

2018: First method for safely catching and sampling Wilson’s storm petrel at sea

2017: First evaluation of plasma lipids in wild sharks

2016: First detailed examination of the reproductive biology of tiger sharks

2015: First record of kelp gulls preying on fur seals

2015: Leader for first scientific expedition to study shark behavior off Japan

2014: First record of reproductive behavior of oceanic whitetip sharks

2014: First evaluation of large coastal shark stress response to capture

2014: First description of circulating energy stores in large sharks

2012: First tracking study of migratory behavior of tiger sharks in the Atlantic

2011: Furthest northerly range described for the great hammerhead

2011: New record of bird consumption by tiger sharks

2011: First published description of the socioeconomic value of sharks to the diving industry

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